Steps to start your channel..

Sat Channel provides a comprehensive solution to start your channel from scratch until signal delivery, including satellite space segment on all satellites currently in operation like, Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird, also, remote playout managment.

Target your audience!
Step one is to target your audience and determine which area you want to cover,this is very important to define the satellite you will broadcasting on, for example,if you want to cover middle east and north africa area you may broadcast on satellites such as "nilesat,arabsat",if you target Europ you may broadcast on Hotbird satellite,and so on,any way our Sat Channel team will help you to choose the right satellite that fit your requirements.

Get your content ready!
Step two is to get your content ready,whatever your content is,intertainment,sports,video clip,religious, just get your material "produce,buy coprights,etcs" then after your main content is ready you may also ready your logo and promotions.

Booking space segment!
Step three is to book the space segment for your channel on one of our transponders ( nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird,Galaxy etc..) that are subdivided into unique and power frequencies.

Uplink and Downlink
Step three is to get your broadcast distribution services, the broadcast signal must then be delivered from the television studio to the teleport in order to be transmitted to the satellite. The encoding process takes the audio and video broadcast signal and compresses it into an MPEG file format. uplink from the teleport earth station to the satellite.

And you will be able to make your playlist and go live wherever you are worldwide.

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