Video TV Channel

All you need to start your video channel is content which is entertainment - religious - music - education - etc.., and we will do the rest..No broadcast equipment needed.Through complete solution to control and manage your channel in simple steps from anywhere.


Slide TV Channel

Simple and cost-effective solution. SlideTV a slide-based TV channel, using a user-friendly interface. lets users work remotely from the convenience of their own office over the most popular Satellites such as Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird,Galaxy 19 or any commercial satellite system currently in operation across Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

Radio TV

Upgrade your own internet radio station by broadcasting it on TV on the same frequencies with TV channels and engaging your audience through interaction and reach your listeners across Middle East and North Africa and Europe as an alternative to the local terrestrial radio broadcasts, radio via satellite reaches all across the continent.


OTT Streaming

OTT over-the-top streaming services enables your audience to engage with your content from anywhere in the world via any smart device with internet connectivity. OTT streaming services are perfect for established and startup channels.


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