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SAT Channel is a global provider of DTH broadcasting solution in MENA over the most popular Satellites such as Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird or any commercial satellite system currently in operation across Middle East, North Africa and Europe with very cost effective solutions worldwide,SAT Channel plans and implements setting up of your satellite channel.
Upon launching SAT Channel, we had one purposes in mind – to offer our clients turnkey project to launch their satellite tv channel. and provide services with a platform that suits their purposes and budget.
We aim at true value for our clients and safe operating for
channels. We handle the tv channel from scratch until signal delivery, Turnkey Project Responsibility,whatever your channel size big or small , SAT Channel start with you from Slide tv ,pre-recorded channel or live channel,starting from 1.0mb until 3.0mb space segment on any satellite for example,nilesat,arabsat,hotbird,galaxy 19.
our goal in SAT Channel is to make your work more efficient and enjoyable with no risk.
SAT Channel is your technical arm to reach your viewers worldwide.

Read about SAT Channel`s turnkey solution to set your channel in simple 3 steps

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If you want to go with live tv shows, you will need for our turnkey solution from scratchs until signal delivery More.
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