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We in Sat Channel design, supply and install all video, audio and lighting equipment. Whether satellite channels will operate in a traditional studio or a "studioless" environment. Studioless enterprises have no sets and all programming is recorded in another location Through cooperation with our partners worldwide.

Sat Channel is ready to help you to build and start your new tv project:

MCR ( Master Cintrol Room )
Server and Playout.
Design and installation studio, Control Room.
Lighting Systems.
Virtual Studios.
Post production facilities.

Our in-house qualified and experienced team of technicians and Designers that handle New and Upcoming Projects from the beginning until the end.

Our dedicated team of specialists uses a 5 Step Process to guide our clients from the design and construction of a solution, to providing delivery and training for their new TV channel.

Great support

we offer technical support 24/7, We’ve taken the technical pain points out of satellite broadcasting, so you can spend less time struggling with your tools and more time focusing on delivering quality content.

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