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Free to Air Channels List – Middle-East.

Frequency POL/SR Channel Country Logo
10873 V/27500 Al Rahma Egypt
12169 V/27500 Al Najah Saudi
10727 H/27500 Al Afasy Kuwait
12187 H/27500 Al Arabya Saudi
10757 V/27500 Al Saha Saudi
11075 V/27500 Nay TV Lebanon
10727 H/27500 Baity TV Saudi
12398 V/27500 SBN TV Ethiopia
12149 H/27500 Ajial Saudi
11602 H/27500 GSC Bahrain
11355 V/27500 Atfal Wa Mwaheb Saudi
11595 V/27500 Goon Sudan
10795 V/27500 Harmony Sudan
11075 V/27500 Al Mostshar Saudi
11602 H/27500 Forex London FX
11919 H/27500 Sahel TV Tunisia
12304 H/27500 Dzair 21 TV Algeria
12398 V/27500 Murex TV Lebanon
12303 H/27500 Hail TV Saudi
11075 V/27500 Zawgty TV Qatar

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Turnkey Project

Sat Channel provides comprehensive solution to launch a new satellite channel from scratch until signal test, including satellite space segment on all satellites currently in operation like, Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird, also, remote playout management.. more.