How to broadcast satellite channel

How Can I Start broadcast new satellite channel?

Four steps to start a new satellite channel,..

1. booking the space segment on one of our transponders ( nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird .. ) that are subdivided into unique frequencies.

2. the broadcast signal must then be delivered from the television studio to the teleport in order to be transmitted to the satellite.

3.The encoding process takes the audio and video broadcast signal and compresses it into an MPEG file format.

4. uplink from the teleport earth station to the satellite.

What do i need in order to own a satellite channel ?

A) Determine your satellite channel type " live,pre recorded pro or slide tv".

B) Make an order for the comprehensive technical and financial study.

C) Then after you receive your satellite tv channel study, and decides you are ready to start regarding the technical and financial details that mentioned in the study, Sat Channel will handle the process for you to launch the satellite tv channel " Turnkey" responsibility.

How long does it take to establish a satellite channel until signal test ?

it's upon the broadcasting type if we talk about live programs satellite channel, we will need to setup the playout center and control room , also the tv studio if we talk about pre recorded programs satellite channel,it takes one week to be on air without any need for equipment.

What can Sat Channel offer to the investor to establish a new satellite channel ?

Everything from A to Z starting with a technil and financial study and ending with the processing and operating of the channel; but our technical role starts after the termination of all procedures ending with permission to broadcast.

What are the available places for broadcasting ?

You can broadcast from any where on Nilesat, Arabsat or Hotbird satellite OR via internet wherever your set.


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Slide tv

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txt tv channel

This is a satellite channel that depends entirely on chat text, its main income source comes from downloading service and SMS.

Why Sat Channel


Sat Channel offers its customers a full satellite channel project, "turnkey", which means that the client will handle with one hand with everything related to the project from the idea.

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