How to start a tv channel

How to start a tv channel

SAT Channel is a global provider of broadcast over satellite solutions on Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird or any commercial satellite system currently in operation across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe with very cost effective,in close cooperation with our partners worldwide.

SAT Channel, help its clients not only to start a tv channel turnkey project responsibility, but we have the approach to continue support them hourly.
Our philosophy is to make the experience of start a tv channel most enjoyable experience, with Sat Channel you’ll work with a team that listens. A team that is creative and experienced to ensure your success.

To start a tv channel in wherever,you need to know this basics :
◻ You need to know some knowledge about space segment you need,up and downlonk,backhoul.
◻ You need to define the content of your tv channel Whether entertainment,sports,religious, etc..
◻ You need to define your broadcast system and Whether Live or Prerecorded.
◻ You need to know and define Whether you will build a playout center or you will broadcast remotely via internet.
◻ Finally you need to make a short and long run plan to fund your tv channel Whether depending on ads,donation, value added,or other sources.
You can broadcast from any where on Nilesat, Arabsat or Hotbird satellite etc remotely control.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions on how to start and manage your channel.

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