Occasional use for content distribution.

We offer a quick and easy solution for broadcasters to directly access to satellites capacities for TV and radio channels for specific time duration for content distribution, anytime,anywhere over MENA region.

what you need to start your tv channel.

If you want to start your own tv channel, here's what you'll need to start from scratch until signal delivery.

Best satellites coverage middle east and north africa area.

7/8° West, the No. 1 orbital location for MENA.The 7/8° West position, home to the cluster of Eutelsat-Nilesat satellites, is first choice for television in the region with 95% of satellite homes.

SRT technology package and protocol!

SRT, is a video streaming transport protocol and technology stack (similar in concept to Reliable UDP). The open source implementation of SRT is a technology package and protocol that connects two endpoints for the purposes of delivering low latency video and other media streams across lossy networks (internet).