how to start your channel

SAT Channel can help distribute your TV and radio signal via satellites around the world. We provide our client with one comprehensive solution to set-up, operate and manage his satellite channel on almost any satellite currently in operation with no risk and low operational cost....

How to start slide tv channel to broadcast informational content?

If you don`t need to broadcast video and you only need to broadcast static slides for content such as, commercial advertising,information,education,text news ..etc, here you need to start a slide tv channel....

How to set-up, operate and manage your channel with one solution?

Broadcast Your TV and Radio Channel with Ease
Does the technical side sound daunting to you? we will offer a playout system for people like you
It has a simple, intuitive design with its functions, so no technical expertise is required to broadcast.
We’ve taken the technical pain points out of satellite broadcasting, so you can spend less time struggling with your tools and more time focusing on delivering quality content.

How to select the right satellite to reach your targeted audience?

We’ve carefully chosen a group of satellites that meet our customer needs in close cooperation with the best satellite providers and communication regulators. to provide the highest level and most reliable service to our customers worldwide...

Broadcasting a radio station via satellite

Upgrade your own internet radio station by broadcasting it on TV on the same frequencies with TV channels and engaging your audience through interaction...

How to choose the right platform to start your channel?

SAT Channel offers step by step Technical and Financial Report (guide and feasibility) with alternative budgets to choose the platform that suits your purposes and budget , also to learn you how to start and manage your channel....

why should i choose SAT Channel?

We have over 10 years experience working with different sizes of projects helping our customers reach their goals Our strong sense of identification with customer projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology. SAT Channel offers complete solution to set-up,operate and manage your satellite channel,we offers reliable and high quality services with no risk,we aim to deliver Best service standards in order to keep the work process safe and flexible...

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