Slide TV

Narrow band channel

Slide TV is a TV solution which allows our customers to launch their cost effective satellite tv channel.

Slide TV channel consists of a collection of slides, which will play one after the other on air,background audio files or live audio stream. Slide tv channel, focus on cost effective solution that enable our customers to easily run their own satellite tv channel with very low cost.

Slide TV is a satellite tv channel operating by one person and broadcasting on any commercial satellite currently in operation, such as Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird, Galaxy ..etc
If you don`t need to broadcast video and you only need to broadcast static slides for content such as: advertising. Information. Education. Text news. So, you need to start a slide tv channel. Also, you will be able to broadcast live audio from your online radio.

FAQ On How To Start And Manage Your Slide Channel

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