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SAT Channel is an Egyptian firm,was established in 2010.
SAT Channel is a dedicated team of Engineers, Operators, Quality Assurance Experts, and Support Specialists that have focused on Satellite Broadcasting solutions for the last 10+ years in middle east and north africa area,europe and america. We offer a wide variety of Services that enable our clients to deploy their TV and Radio channels with ease.

SAT Channel can help distribute your TV and radio signal via satellites around the world. We have access to Teleport facilities to relay any video or audio signal on almost any satellite currently in operation worldwide with no risk and low operational cost. We help to…
Launch – helping to start your channel, plan costs, satellite capacity, equipment specifications, grow strategies.
Manage – when the channel is already launched, we provide you full control via an all-in-one management system.
Support – we offer technical support 24/7 for your Satellite Channel, IPTV and OTT services.

SAT Channel start with you from Slide tv,pre-recorded or live channel,starting from 1.0mb until 3.0mb space segment on any satellite,to make your work more efficient with no risk and low operational cost.

With deep experiences in media and satellite broadcasting areas and working with most prestigious clients worldwide, M.Abo Elenein`s success is built on long-standing relationships that require an unwavering focus on operational excellence and client engagement to deliver the best solution.”
Mohamed Abo Elenin
Chief Executive Officer
Broadcast Professional,Transmission,M.C.R. Manager and technical founder of several satellite channels, was graduation from Faculty of Mass Communication,Cairo university

Broadcast Your TV and Radio Channel with Ease

If the technical side sound daunting to you, No problem, we will offer you the easiest playout system in the market.
It has a simple, intuitive design with its functions, so no technical expertise is required to broadcast.
We’ve taken the technical pain points out of satellite broadcasting, so you can spend less time struggling with your tools and more time focusing on delivering quality content.

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