About SAT Channel

SAT Channel is an Egyptian firm,founded in 2010 specializes in and provides cost effective broadcasting solutions, turnkey project for setting up and operating of satellite channels.
We're in SAT Channel constantly evolving so we can continue to offer our clients innovative broadcasting solutions and the highest levels of service. SAT Channel ongoing investment in the development of our services means you gain access to a team of experts that helps you to be successful.
Upon launching SAT Channel we had one purposes in mind – to offer the clients turnkey project to launch their satellite tv channel. and provide services with a platform that suits their purposes and budget. We aim at true value for our clients and safe operating for channels.
SAT Channel can help distribute your TV and radio signal via satellite, fiber, or IP around the world. We have access to Teleport facilities to relay any video or audio signal on almost any satellite currently in operation across Middle East, North Africa and Europe with very cost effective solutions.

FTA channels Live and Pre-recorded content.

Live and pre-recorded satellite channels.

Broadcast your own live and pre-recorded program.
SAT Channel provides a comprehensive solution that combines traditional channel automation, playout and branding engine into one powerful channel creation and management platform. Accompanied by tailored satellite coverage, content creation apps, storage, backup and support, our solution encompasses everything a broadcaster needs in one package. Our innovative approach to broadcastng translates into a faster channel setup and a significant decrease in operational costs, without having to compromise on quality, product capabilities and audience reach. Thanks to our advanced client server technology, our broadcasters can work remotely at the convenience of their own office.

Slide tv channels.

We talk about a satellite tv channels operating by one person
broadcasting on any commercial satellite currently in operation, for example Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird, Galaxy ..etc
if you don`t need to broadcast video and you only need to broadcast static slides for content such as:
• Commercial advertising.
• Information
• Education
• Text news
So, you need to start a slide tv channel.
Also, you will be able to broadcast live audio from your online radio.
More about Slide TV.

Radio channels.

As an alternative to the local terrestrial radio broadcasts.
Radio via satellite reaches all across the continent, and stations can be enjoyed in countries far from their homeland.
With deep experiences in media and satellite broadcasting areas and working with most prestigious clients worldwide, M.Abo Elenein`s success is built on long-standing relationships that require an unwavering focus on operational excellence and client engagement to deliver the best solution.”

Mohamed Abo Elenin
Chief Executive Officer
Broadcast Professional,Transmission,M.C.R. Manager and technical founder of several satellite channels, was graduation from Faculty of Mass Communication,Cairo university

Read about SAT Channel`s turnkey solution to set your channel in simple 3 steps

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Satellite Distribution

Why SAT Channel?

Turnkey Project

SAT Channel provides comprehensive solution to launch a new satellite channel from scratch, including satellite space segment on all satellites currently in operation like, Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird, also, remote playout management.. more.