Text TV

Narrow band channel

txt, or text or chat tv channel is a satellite channel that depends entirely on chat text, its main income source comes from downloading service and SMS messages; these types of channels need less establishment cost and make high income especially if marketing activities are made on the internet; because the more famous the channel becomes, the more income it brings in i.e. downloading service and SMS messages.

  • TXT channel could be broadcasting on Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird or any satellite currently in operation to ensure a wide coverage area around (Middle East, North Africa, Iran, Turkey and Europe) TXT channel allows our customers to launch their cost effective satellite tv channel,it`s focaus on cost effective solution that enable our customers to easly run their own satellite tv channel with very low cost. where no need for any equipment or operators, it`s one man operator also our customer will be able to control his Slide TV remotly from anywhere via internet. The feasibility study for such channel showed high monthly income rated compared to the cost of establishment; the study gives the justifications for this.
    If you don`t need to broadcast video and you only need to broadcast static slides and text for content such as: Commercial advertising. Information. Education. Text news. So, you need to start a slide and text tv channel. Also, you will be able to broadcast live audio from your online radio.

You will be able to reach over 30 million viewer across middle east and north africa also several areas across europe, Slide TV enable customer to make a huge income depending on value added services such as SMS,IVR,MMS in addition to advertising slides..You can broadcast your Slide TV on Nilesat and Arabsat satellites or any commercial satellite system currently in operation across the Middle East, North Africa and Europe with low bandwidth for a very low cost.
SAT channel launches your Slide TV from scratch until signal and ongoing operations,you can contract and launch your Slide TV with us instantly,on Nilesat,Arabsat,Hotbird or any commercial satellite system currently in operation with low bandwidth for a very low cost,in close cooperation with our partners worldwide.

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