Start your TV channel Based on Feasibility Study Report

Feasibility Study Report

detailed project report covers all the aspects from scratch . By SAT Channel   2018
Our feasibility study is a financial and technical study based on practical experience in several channels starting from scratch until signal test and ongoing operating,
so, your tv channel project will be in front of you from A to Z, verifying technical aspects and its preparation and cost as well as the sources of income, taking into consideration that we have executed all the tasks that are included in the feasibility study several times; and since the investor in the satellite channel field should not consider any financial and technical feasibility study unless made by a distinguished firm that had practical experience in the field; therefore all elements, information and figures included are trustworthy, and Updated until the date of submission.
Our study covers the three stages: `Establishing, broadcasting and operating.
1.About the channel under study “ vision-message-targets “
2.Programs plan regarding the main content
3.permissions and broadcast license if needed
4.Space segment on the selected satellite “ size and price “
5.The TV studio
6.Broadcast equipment “ brands-prices-options “
7.Channel management remotely without equipment
8.Structure and organizational issue “number of employees - jobs “-standard
9.Structure and organizational issue “number of employees - jobs “-minimum
10.programs library and Archive
11.Total cost “fixed fee and variable fee “
12.Cash flow until signal test
13.Sources of income " ads - vas "
14.How to market your channel “ general lines “
15.Payment schedule during year
16.How to manage your tv channel “engineering maps - Illustrations “
17.Alternative solutions to reduce the cost
18.How to start pre recorded tv channel without equipment
19.Recommendations of broadcasting issues
20.Prices of broadcasting on additional satellites like "Galaxy 19 – Arabsat - Nilesat"
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